Mani-Pedi Care Kit


epielle Mani-Pedi Care contains 6 skincare, footcare and hand essentials for rediscovering your beautiful skin. It's the ultimate package to keep your skin moisturized and the kit makes it easy to create your own DIY home spa. Say no to harsh chemicals with epielle. Take better care of your skin with epielle. 

The following is included in the kit:

🖤 Charcoal Self Heating Mask deep cleans your pores to minimize their appearance and brightens your complexion in 1 minute

💚 Nourishing Hemp Gloves with rosemary extract made to soften dry and rough skin, deeply moisturizing to nourish hands and nails

💜Relaxing Melatonin Socks with lavender extract to relax dry and rough feet, deeply moisturizing from heel to toe

🤎 Snail Firming Mask promotes skin firmness and cell regeneration while also moisturizing and hydrating your skin

💛 4- Way Nail Buffer to file, buff, shape, and make your nails shine that makes it easy to care for your nails at home

💙 Callus Remover Foot File that removes unnecessary dead skin cells without irritation to rough feet