Intensive Repairing Socks


Slip on the epielle Intensive Repairing Socks for a calming moment of relaxation while treating yourself with a deep moisturizing therapy to nourish dry and rough feet and hands. Drench your heels to toe and hands to nails in a luscious cream formulated with coconut oil, milk extracts and hyaluronic acid to leave your skin soft, smooth and silky.

    Customer Reviews

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    LOVE them. I wish I could buy them in bulk. Mine only lasted 3 times.

    Taryn Ponce
    Very moisturizing

    Love these quick little mini pedicure soaks. After 20 mins my skin and even my callouses were softer and easier to remove. Smells like coconut. Can walk in them while they are on. Definitely repurchasing!

    Britney I.
    Cold weather balm!

    These masks are an affordable treatment that is especially needed during this extreme winter weather. The constant dry heat as well as regular wear and tear is hard on feet. During the warmer months we tend to think more about the care of our feet because we tend to cover them less. However, they need special attention when cold weather sets in because of dryness and heavier footwear. These masks are a quick and easy fix that really work without bankrupting the user. Highly recommended.

    Liz Vance
    Baby soft feet

    I love these foot masks! I wear them for longer than the directions tell you to. At night I will put them on and put big hospital socks over them and wear them overnight. In the morning when I take them off, my feet are so soft!!! The rough skin is gone too! Amazing feeling. I recommend using weekly and definitely before a pedicure.

    Kelly C.
    Very nice product!

    Gave this a shot and really enjoyed the smell abs how my feet came out the next day. I prepped my feet and used a pumice stone on all the rough areas. Then I slathered a nice layer of Lush moisture bar on my feet and slipped my feet into these Epielle moisture socks and left them on all night. They stayed on all night in bed and didnt leak out. I took them off the next morning and let my feet air dry for 20 minutes before putting my shoes on. Really love how my feet felt abd there was a noticeable difference with how dry my feet were before and after, even 2 days later.