Christmas Holiday Character Sheet Mask Pack


Prepare for the perfect holiday glow! This epielle® Christmas Holiday Character Sheet Mask Pack makes the perfect stocking stuffer and gift for your friends, family, or even just for yourself! Each mask addresses and tackles different skincare concerns. 100% vegan and formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. 

  • Brightening Santa for brightening and firming with vitamin C and botanical extracts
  • Moisturizing Snowman for moisturizing and soothing with honey and floral essences
  • Purifying Reindeer for purifying and calming with tea tree and herbal extracts
  • Renewing Elf for renewing and conditioning with centella asiatica and botanical essence
  • Hydrating Penguin for hydrating and glowing with hyaluronic acid complex and beta- glucan
  • Soothing Gingerbread Man for soothing and nourishing with aloe and rice bran extract

How to Use

  1. Wash your face. Apply toner if desired
  2. Remove the mask from packaging and unfold
  3. Apply the sheet mask on the face. Smooth out the mask gently to fit the contours of your face. You may wish to pull the mask upwards around the jawline for lifting effect
  4. Remove the mask after 15- 20 minutes, peel off slowly from the edges
  5. Gently massage excess serum onto the face for faster absorption 


  1. Avoid using on blemishes, pimples, irritated, or sunburned skin
  2. Stop using if skin becomes red, swollen, or itchy during and after use. If pain persists after mask is peeled off and above signs occur, discontinue immediately and consult your doctor
  3. Avoid contact with the eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water
  4. For external use only
  5. Keep out of reach of children


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marlene Walker
Christmas Face Masks

They showed up fast and in great shape. They are so adorable, and they are amazing on my face.

Julia C.

So cute! Everybody loved them! Great stocking stuffer or for a girls Christmas spa day!

Cindy Green
These are my go- to

Ive used your masks and I loved every single one. They were wonderful and left my skin feeling soft, supple and renewed. Thank you for the quality masks in the adorable packaging. Would definitely purchase again

Jessica V.

I love them. So cute for stocking stuffers! Thank you.