Detox Me Gift Set!


Charcoal is known to draw out oil, dirt, sweat, and makeup from your face like a magnet. Grab this gift set to try 4 of our best-selling charcoal products. This set includes:

  • epielle Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser is infused with activated charcoal patented technology to draw out dirt, excess oil and impurities to deeply cleanse and detoxify pores. Cleanse daily for a smoother, bright, healthier-looking complexion.- 1 count/6.77 oz
  • epielle Deep Cleansing Charcoal Nose Strip Blackhead Remover is one-step cleansing treatment specifically designed to unclog pores and lift away unwanted blackheads.-  5 count
  • epielle Charcoal Tea Tree Makeup Remover Cleansing Tissues have specially textured dirt-trapping fibers that gently exfoliate skin and cleanse away dirt, oil, make-up and even the toughest waterproof mascara.- 1 pack/ 30 count tissues
  • epielle Black Charcoal Peel-Off Mask works to gently detoxify and purify the skin by drawing out impurities, oil and environmental toxins. Activated Charcoal unclogs pores for a clear and healthy complexion without over-drying the skin.- 1 Count/ 6.0 oz