Tinkle Eyebrow Razors, 3ct per pack


  • Tinkle Eyebrow Razor removes the fine hairs of the eyebrow, neck and face as well as unnecessary hairs elsewhere.
  • Tinkle Eyebrow Razor has a safety cover attached to each blade to protect a woman's sensitive skin to prevent the blade from cutting too loosely while shaving.
  • Beginners can easily and safely use it.
  • Kareway and epielle® are the official Tinkle distributors in North America. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jessika Paige
Takes a few passes to figure out

I was reading reviews for other brands and many suggested this OG brand, glad I listened. I was very nervous that my blonde peach fuzz would grow back black and thick, but that was not the case. No knicks or cuts, and very mild irritation. Make sure your skin is clean, always use a serum/oil, and do small sections at a time. I also wash my face a second time after just to make sure i get all the gunk off.. Hold your skin taught and make sure youre using enough pressure but not scraping your skin off. Like i said, it takes a few times to get the hang of, but i love how my skin looks and feels now. Make up goes on much smoother, and skin looks firmer for some reason.

Melody L.
Life changing!

These are.... how do I put this.... AMAZING, fantastic, incredible, my eyebrows have never looked better in all the years Ive gone to the salon to get them painfully waxed or failed with plucking at home. These razors will provide a very close shave, for eyebrows, peach fuzz on cheeks, pesky mustache fuzz, and theyre so cheap! Ive been missing out for years, Im so thankful I gave these a try and would recommend them to absolutely anyone. Ive even tried them on stubborn nose hairs and it will work there too, although be cautious the contours of your nose could easily cause a painful nick of the skin. For a multipurpose tool under $5 that will last months at a time, you just cant beat it. Do yourself and your wallet a favor and buy these!

Jane C.
Feels safe and easy to use.

I tried to use a regular razor to do some 'DIY demraplaning'. The gap between my cheap razors blades was...not good. I used this on my eyebrows first, but contour wise it wasn't as effective as a waxing. However, I went over my entire face generally - including my nose and went on about my self-care routine with a little extra care and my face was glowing! Smooth, exfoliated and got asked if I was pregnant bc I was glowing. I am carrying some quarantine weight too so maybe it was that as well lol

ANYWAY. Good deal, good product. It has guards over the razor to prevent anything serious from happening.
I used it to line up my undercut too!

Kelly Bishop
Great for removing peach fuzz but

These are a more affordable route to removing your peach fuzz BUT you have to be careful. Clean your skin first and then prepare your skin with some sort of beauty oil or moisturizer. Take. Your. Time. If you do this too quickly you'll scratch the heck out of your face, do little areas at a time. Afterwards, you can rinse your face and top it off with a face cream or even a little bit of aquaphor. I love them!

Emily S.
Great Purchase and best for the price

Love these!!! I've tried all types of razors for my face and these by far are the absolutely best. They actually get even the tiniest peach fuzz off. My skin is extremely sensitive and I did get irritated skin with slight rash after wards but that's my skin for ya. And I should have used an aloevera gel with it instead of dry. They work great for eyebrow shaping as well. Be careful these razors are actually sharp unlike dull ones I've tried before( definitely a good thing, just make sure your aware).
And for the low price you get 2 packs of 3. Total 6. Can't beat that!!